Different Types of 1099 Forms Business Owners Should Know: Are you a new filer for filing a 1099 tax form for the payments made in 2021? Do you know how many variants 1099 forms there in 1099 series? You can find 20 variant 1099 tax forms in the IRS 1099 series. Each 1099 from has its own specifications. Filers need to issue an appropriate 1099 tax form to the contractor to avoid unwanted penalties imposed by the IRS.
We’ve provided you detailed information about different types of 1099 forms business owners should know. New taxpayers can file Form 1099 information returns easily by the end of the context.

Different Types of 1099 Forms Business Owners Should Know


How are 1099 tax forms useful for business owners?

As we know, 1099 tax forms mostly called “information return forms”. They have used commonly to report the payments made to the individuals who not treated as employees. Given below the circumstances wher Form 1099 Online useful for a business owner:

Records the payments

1099 tax forms used by business owners to report income other than salaries, wages, etc. By this, each and every payment made by the business owner is recorded in the tax filing software or you’ll receive Copy C of the form for individual payments.

Summarizes the payments

Business owners report the contractor income made throughout the year through 1099 tax forms. So, 1099 forms summarize the payments made in a tax year and submitted to the IRS.

Helps to report payments to the IRS

When we hire an independent contractor, you need to pay them for performing services. The payments are of different kinds. They include rent, non-employee compensation, dividends, etc. According to the IRS, there are 20 variant 1099 forms used to report different types of income paid to the contractor. Hence, 1099 tax forms help the taxpayers to report different kinds of payments using the appropriate 1099 forms to the IRS.

What is the 1099 Form used for reporting independent contractor income?

You may be required to file an information return if you made any of the following types of payments:

Form 1099 INT

1099 INT tax form one among 1099 series which used by banks, invest organization, financial institutions. They report an interest amount of $10 or more paid to the investors during a taxable year. This includes interest paid on savings accounts, interest-bearing checking accounts, US saving bonds, and interest earned on treasury bills.

Form 1099 DIV

1099 DIV Form a common type of IRS Form 1099 which used to report dividends and distributions paid of $10 or more in a tax year. Mostly these forms used by brokerage firms, banks, financial institutions, mutual fund organizations, etc.

Form 1099 NEC

1099 NEC a new tax form that was brought back its way for the 2021 tax year. Most employers, businesses, clients use these forms to report non-employee compensation paid of $600 or more in a calendar year. They use this form when they hire a non-employee who perform services for their business or trade.

1099 R

Like how the W-2 Form received by the employees, retirees have their own version of income reported to the IRS. Retirees receive 1099 R tax form at the end of the year when they collect retirement income. 1099 R tax form used to report distributions of $10 or more paid for pensions, annuities, retirement plans.

IRS 1099 K

Form 1099 K used to report transactions made via payment settlement entities. If you use a service to process credit or debit card transactions, that service a payment settlement entity. And the amount of those types of transactions for the year should be reported on the form 1099 K.

Different 1099 Forms for receiving a payment

You’re required to file an information returns if you receive any of the following type of payments:

Form 1099 S

1099 S used to report the proceeds from the sale or exchange of real estate and certain royalty payments. This includes transactions that consist of sale or exchange for money, indebtedness, property, or services.

1099 B

Form 1099 B deals with capital gains tax. This includes information on property or securities that were handled by a broker. IRS 1099 B used by brokerage firms to report stock/ or barter exchanges made by the taxpayer. The form lists out facts about the sale such as the date the sale took place and the amount of money that you received.

IRS 1099 A

Form 1099 A used for the acquisition or abandonment of secured property. When a house was foreclosed upon by the bank, the owners will typically receive Form 1099 A from the lender.

Form 1099 MISC

1099 MISC Form used to report miscellaneous income paid to independent contractors of $600 or more throughout the year. The miscellaneous income may be paid as rent, royalties, other income.


When you’re not required to file a 1099 tax form?

You’re not required to file information returns if any of the following situations apply:

  • You’re engaged in trade or business, and the payments were made to another business that incorporated.
  • When the sum of all payments made to the person or unincorporated business less than $600 in one tax year.
  • Payments made to non-business services. This includes payments you make to contractors for personal or household service.
  • The payments made for merchandise, telephone, freight, storage, and similar items.

What do you need to include in Form 1099?

Make sure that you include the necessary identification number. Otherwise, you may be subjected to a penalty for an incorrect or missing taxpayer identification number on an information return. TIN’s used to associate and verify amounts you report to the IRS with corresponding amounts on tax returns. Therefore, it is important for every business owner to furnish the following information for recipients on the forms sent to the IRS accurately:

  • Name of the taxpayer and the payee who receive compensation.
  • Social Security Number, or TIN, or EIN of both taxpayer and the payee.
  • Compensation paid to the recipient in the correct box of the respective 1099 Form.

If the recipient is a U.S. person, the IRS suggests that you request the recipient to complete W-9 Form for filling out Form 1099 without any errors.

How to file 1099 information returns?

Every business owner who paid independent contractors during a calendar year need to file 1099 Form with the IRS and to the recipient. There are two methods to file the forms. You may file the paper forms of Copy A to the IRS by mail. Or else you can file the information returns electronically. You cannot file Copy A of 1099 Forms by downloading directly from the IRS websites. You need to collect the IRS Forms from IRS stores or you can order them online. As we know, the official printed version of the IRS Form is scannable. But the online version downloaded not scannable through IRS machines. Penalty may be imposed by the IRS for filing forms that cannot be scanned.

Additionally, the taxpayers required to file 1099 Forms electronically when they file more 250 forms. To avoid these issues, the IRS provided an easy way to file 1099 Forms sitting at your own place. E-filing 1099 Forms is the safe and convenient method, where you can submit the forms to the IRS within minutes.

Have you got the required information about 1099 tax forms that the business owners need to know? Then why waste valuable time. Once you cross the due dates to file 1099 tax forms, you may face the issues of heavy and hefty penalties. Report 1099 NEC is the fastest and easiest e-filing software where you can submit 1099 tax forms to the IRS and to the recipient in-time with perfect guidelines.


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